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Separation and divorce. These two words can make you feel like your life has turned upside down. You may feel confused, angry, disappointed and scared about your future and the future of your family. You may find yourself asking: What about the kids? How do we split our property? Will I have enough money? How does it all work?

We can help answer these questions. We have offered advice to hundreds of people just like you on important issues such as custody, access, child and spousal support, alimony, property division and equalization. We help our clients obtain realistic and long-lasting solutions to their difficult and emotional situations.

Galbraith Family Law has offices in Barrie, Orillia & Newmarket.


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At Galbraith Family Law, we have an excellent team of staff and lawyers to serve our clients’ interests.


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When I first met Brian, I was worried and confused about the process. Brian explained the steps to me clearly, and guided me through each of them with wisdom and expertise based on his knowledge and experience. His advice helped me to avoid some potentially devastating and costly pitfalls, and ultimately reach an agreement with my ex that was fair for all parties involved, without having to see a judge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Galbraith Family Law to anyone who is looking to get it done the right way.

- Jeff V., Newtown, CT

In November of 2002, I found myself requiring legal advice regarding a separation and it was at that time I met Brian Galbraith. Our meeting was brief , but I was impressed with Brian's initial interview . So when it came time for me to have my separation agreement written, I returned to Brian's office to have the papers prepared; and since that time Brian has also represented me in my divorce proceedings. During a difficult time, I found Brian and his staff to be caring, efficient and professional in their efforts to have my legal problems solved in a timely manner. I have since recommended Brian to several of my friends and they have been very satisfied with their experience with him and his team.

- Lyn L., Barrie

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