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This section is all about the financial issues inherent to separation and divorce. We discuss child support, spousal support and the division or equalization of property.

The articles related to these topics can be found below. Click on whatever interests you to read more. We hope they are helpful.

If you would like to see the legislation that governs this area, they are listed in our Resources section called “The Process” where articles such as "The Law" will help you. It has links to various pieces of legislation that deal with family law issues. Your lawyer can explain how the legislation applies to your situation.

Your lawyer will answer your questions about your specific situation. We will help you understand the likely range of outcome and the various choices you have to make. We will help you get these issues resolved.


  1. Equalization
  2. What is Spousal Support?
  3. Who Pays the Home Expenses after Separation
  4. Financial Lessons I Learned from My Divorce
  5. 12 Little-Known Facts About Common Law Relationships
  6. 17 Facts About Child Support You Need to Know
  7. Case Study of John & Sally - Property Issues
  8. Cohabitation Agreements
  9. Common Law Relationships Among Older Couples
  10. Common Law Partners Rights Upon Death
  11. Determining Support for the Self Employed
  12. Should We Sell the Matrimonial Home
  13. Spousal Support and Child Support in Common Law Relationships
  14. Shared Custody & Child Support:  The 40% Rule
  15. The Top 10 Ways to Value Assets and Determine Debt


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