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What are Family Specialists?


Family Specialists

  1.  A Family Specialist is trained to handle the needs of children, especially those whose parents are going through a divorce. They help you and your spouse develop a parenting plan that is best-suited for your children.
  2. Your Family Specialist helps develop an agreement on the time your children will spend with each of you on a regular basis and over holidays but the Family Specialist does much more.
  3. The Family Specialist brings the voice of the children to the negotiations about parenting. Often, the Family Specialist will meet with your children to determine their particular needs and wishes.
  4. The Family Specialist educates you and your spouse on the most recent research regarding the developmental needs of the children, especially those whose parents are separating and divorcing.
  5. A parenting plan may include references onhow you will deal with sensitive issues in the future to minimize future conflicts. For example, how and when new partners will be introduced to the children.
  6. The cost of a Family Specialist is substantially less than the cost for each of you to pay for a lawyer. Further, the cost of the Family Specialist can be shared by you and your spouse resulting in a cost-effective way to resolve parenting issues
  7. Like a mediator, the Family Specialist will help you and your spouse discover your core concerns around parenting so you can develop a parenting plan that meets those core concerns. As a neutral and  objective expert, your Family Specialist will ensure that the parenting plan is in the best interests of your children.
  8. When the Family Specialist has completed the parenting plan, it will be sent to the lawyers. Your lawyer will review it with you and offer advice. Ifacceptable to both parties, it will be appended to the separation agreement and become a legally binding agreement.

Should issues arise in the future regarding parenting, you can always return to your Family Specialist foradvice, assistance, and the negotiation of changes.

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- Cynthia Benoit, Barrie

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- Angelique Stewart, Orillia

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