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21 Lessons From My Own Divorce

21 Lessons From My Own DivorceDivorce can be scary and sad. It means the dream, the happily ever after, is over. Every couple's experiences are different. Check out what Brian learned while he navigated the road of his divorce.

  1. I love my children deeply.
  2. Friends and family may take sides. It sucks either way.
  3. Even divorce lawyers cannot escape the emotional journey.
  4. It’s embarrassing.
  5. It is scary.
  6. It is lonely.
  7. Being served court papers is very upsetting.
  8. It takes about two or three days to fully recover from four-way meetings.
  9. The process of negotiations goes as slow as the slowest person.
  10. Your spouse's shortcomings won't get better after separation.
  11. It takes a couple of years to get over the sadness of going through a separation.
  12. Holidays are especially emotionally difficult to survive for the first two years after separation, but they get better too.
  13. I sometimes lose my cool. Sometimes I am amazingly patient.
  14. Unresolved issues can make it difficult to focus on parenting.
  15. The best way to get rid of my anxiety and stop worrying is to repeat a mantra. I say "I give this to you God. I give this to you" over and over.
  16. It is surprising how many other single people my age are out there.
  17. After time, many of my old friends who took sides came around again.
  18. A Divorce Coach gave me a different perspective.
  19. Exercise helps me cope with stress. Gyms are full of recently separated people.
  20. Co-parenting gets easier.
  21. Happiness is possible.

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