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Are you feeling all alone and going crazy?

Like a death in the family, divorce is a huge emotional journey. You may feel shocked, angry, humiliated, depressed, sad, ashamed, victimized, guilty, excited, liberated, fearful or accepting.

Sometimes you may feel all this and more all at once. One moment, you may hate your spouse and at another, have a deep feeling of love. It can be very confusing, overwhelming and frightening.

For most of us, it is the uncertainty of the situation. We feel alone and we just don’t know what the future holds for us. We feel fear.

This is normal.

Almost 50% of first marriages end in divorce and an even higher percentage of subsequent marriages end in divorce. You are not alone.

You are not going crazy either. Divorce has a tremendous impact on everyone, but you will get through it.

Time heals everything, but frankly, who wants to wait around for “time” to help us through? We strongly urge our clients to work with Family Coaches. They will help you understand and move through the emotional stages of divorce by offering you appropriate tools and advice. You don’t need to let “time” do its trick. Work with a Family Coach to get through it faster.

Our divorce lawyers can refer you to a Family Coach who fits you and your situation best.

We recommend you read a book by Abigail Trafford called Crazy Time. It is an excellent resource and will help you understand the emotions you are going through.

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