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Collaborative Divorce

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Separation and Divorce?

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Separation and Divorce?

Divorce is expensive. Splitting your incomes, finding a new place to live, child support, spousal support – it all adds […]

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Getting Full Custody of Your Children

Some of the biggest decisions separated or divorcing parents face are about their children. Ideally, children should spend time with […]

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how to file for divorce

How to File For Divorce in Ontario

You’ve tried reason. You’ve tried reconciliation. But your marriage is beyond saving for one reason, or a number of reasons, […]

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4 Things Only Divorcees Understand

Being divorced puts people in a unique social situation . . . which your non-divorced friends and relatives sometimes just can’t comprehend. Having guided […]

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How Do I Know When It’s Over?

When it comes to marriages, there will inevitably be those ones that end in divorce for one reason or another. […]

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Ontario Divorce Forms – Explanations and Downloads

When a legal application for divorce is filed with the courts, it is important that the defendant (answering party) is […]

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