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Common Law

Do You Have to Live Together to Be Common-Law in Ontario?

May 22, 2019
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Defining a relationship is sometimes tricky, even between yourselves. When taxes and other legal issues come into play, they can add an extra layer of […]

Ontario Common Law Requirements for Immigration and Sponsorship

May 15, 2019
| |
Canada is a welcoming place for new immigrants, and it shows; immigration accounts for about two-thirds of Canada’s population growth. As our population continues to […]

Facts About Common Law and Tax Filing

May 8, 2019
| |
When you and your partner are thinking about moving in together, you may have questions about the tax implications of being in a common-law relationship. […]

What Goes Into a Couple’s Financial Agreement?

Dec 4, 2018
| |
The idea of a couple’s financial agreement when you aren’t married might seem a little ridiculous. Maybe one of the reasons you haven’t gotten married […]

Top 10 Things to Know About Your Domestic Partnership

Sep 12, 2018
| |
Living together is a common step for couples to take. After all, once you’re spending most of your time together, why not share a living […]

Common Myths About Common Law: Creating a Cohabitation Agreement in Ontario

Not every partnership turns into a marriage. There are plenty of couples who, for a variety of reasons, choose to live together without getting married. […]

Is Common-law Marriage a Myth or Reality in Ontario?

Common-law marriage is a subject of seriousness and jokes and a term that is thrown about social circles with casual aplomb. Long-term couples may bashfully […]

Understanding Canada’s Common Law Rules and Human Rights

Understanding Canada’s Common Law Rules and Human Rights If you’re a believer of love without marriage, you may eventually tread the nebulous legal landscape of […]

The Ugly and Confusing Fallout From Common Law Breakups

Who needs marriage when you’re already in a rock-solid long term relationship? When you split up after living together for years and years, you have the same […]

How Is Property Divided for Common-law Couples?

Jul 27, 2015
| |
When a marriage ends, Canadian law states “that the value of any kind of property that was acquired by a spouse during the marriage and […]

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