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Safeguard Your Future and Survive Divorce After 50

Mar 20, 2019
| |
The effects of getting divorced after age 50 can be devastating under any circumstances, but one unique aspect of the added stress of recovering financially. […]

What to Expect in Family Court: Tips & Etiquette

Sometimes having an amicable divorce isn’t possible and you will need to go through family court to help settle your differences. Even though this is […]

When One Partner Stays in the Matrimonial Home, Is Occupational Rent Due?

When a couple separates, usually one person stays in the matrimonial home and the other moves out. Sometimes this is by mutual consent of both […]

How the Divorce Rate in Canada is Affected by “Silver Splitters”

Dec 11, 2018
| |
Baby boomers introduced a lot of new trends to the world: feminism, contraceptives, women’s financial independence – and divorce. Prior to 1968, dissolving a marriage […]

Seeking Legal Advice on Divorce: Who Should You Talk To?

Nov 27, 2018
| |
Ending a marriage consumes your entire life. You’re worried about the financial impact, the effect the separation will have on your children, the uncertainty of […]
Business Valuation for Divorce Requirements Checklist

Business Valuation for Divorce Checklist

Nov 20, 2018
| |
If you are are self-employed, or your spouse is self-employed, you’ll need to do a business valuation for your divorce. Proper financial disclosure is required […]

Calculating the Real Cost of Divorce: A Guide to Budgeting

Aug 22, 2018
| |
Everybody knows that divorces are expensive. However, when people talk about the cost of a divorce, they aren’t just referring to the monetary expense associated […]

An Amicable Divorce is Possible: Tips for Working it Out

Aug 1, 2018
| |
More often than ever before, couples who no longer want to be together are working toward an amicable divorce. With such famous examples as Demi […]

Affordable Divorce is Possible: Save Time and Money By Being Prepared

Jun 27, 2018
| |
The emotional cost of a divorce is immeasurable. Even if the split is amicable, it’s still a major change in your life and the effects […]

You’ve Asked For a Divorce. What Happens Next?

May 10, 2018
| |
The decision to end your marriage is not an easy one, and the process of getting divorced isn’t a cakewalk either. However, you can make […]

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