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How is My Teachers Pension Divided During a Divorce

How is My Teacher’s Pension Divided During a Divorce?

When couples get divorced, emotions run high. The pair can be so busy being upset that they don’t realize their […]

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How to Keep Grandparents Involved After a Divorce

How to Keep Grandparents Involved After a Divorce

A divorce has a larger impact than couples realize. If they have children, the divorce has an effect on them. […]

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How is property divided for common law couples

How Is Property Divided for Common-law Couples?

When a marriage ends, Canadian law states “that the value of any kind of property that was acquired by a […]

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If you cant imagine having kids with your spouse

If you can’t imagine having kids with your spouse, should you consider getting a divorce?

Parenthood, we’re told, is the greatest joy a person can feel. For many years, it was expected that couples would […]

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Do Adult Children Get Child Support

Do Adult Children Get Child Support?

Divorce is a challenging time for families. Emotions run high. Both parties have certain expectations of the outcome. Sometimes, they […]

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Can Any Other Types of Lawyers Handle Your Divorce?

One thing you definitely DON’T want to do is to utilize other types of lawyers when going through a divorce! […]

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