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Is an E-Filing Divorce System Coming to Ontario?

You may have met your soulmate online. But will there be a day where you can swipe left to send […]

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Are You Worried About the Effects of Divorce on Children? Here’s the Good News

A divorce can’t possibly be good for your child, can it? The effects of divorce on children are obviously different […]

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The Effects of Divorce on Children That Nobody Talks About

They don’t often show you this on TV, but here’s a fact: Divorce may actually be good for your kids. […]

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How to File For Divorce in Ontario

You’ve tried reason. You’ve tried reconciliation. But your marriage is beyond saving for one reason, or a number of reasons, […]

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Here are Your Simple Steps after Serving Divorce Papers in Ontario

Your ex-spouse has been served… now what? A lot of our clients come to us unclear about the steps that […]

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How Divorce Affects a Woman: What They Don’t Show in Movies

We’ve all seen those movies with women bouncing back from a divorce. After a few bad days or weeks, the […]

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