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mother with full child custody of her son

Custody battles and your kids – what you need to know

Deep down, we all want what is best for our children. But when it comes to child custody disputes, do […]

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Successful co-parenting

What is Co-Parenting? How do You Make Co-Parenting Work for You?

You will have few raw emotions in life that match the heights of those you experience going through a divorce. […]

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Person discussing with a lawyer why they need a will

Why Do You Need to Have A Will?

For many of us, talking about a will or even thinking about what will happen when we die is not […]

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Spouses, husband and wife, holding hands while drinking coffee

What is spousal support and how is it decided upon?

In Ontario, a spousal relationship is viewed as an economic or financial partnership. When you and your partner decide to […]

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How to keep your home in the divorce - Galbraith Family Law

How to keep your home in the divorce

It’s a common impasse couples reach during their divorce: who gets to keep the house. Many, if not most of […]

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How to help your kids through a divorce

One of the most difficult steps of the divorce process is having to tell your children about your separation. Many […]

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