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How Do I Find an Affordable Child Custody Lawyer to Help Me?

It’s tough to find yourself in a position where you need an affordable child custody lawyer. As a parent, you want what’s best for your […]

Divorce Court Is Only One Option for Resolving Disputes

Thanks to television and movies, many people have developed an incorrect idea of what the divorce process is like. You might even assume that you’re […]

Safeguard Your Future and Survive Divorce After 50

Mar 20, 2019
| |
The effects of getting divorced after age 50 can be devastating under any circumstances, but one unique aspect of the added stress of recovering financially. […]

What to Expect in Family Court: Tips & Etiquette

Sometimes having an amicable divorce isn’t possible and you will need to go through family court to help settle your differences. Even though this is […]

15 Questions to ask When Hiring A Family Court Lawyer

Jan 4, 2019
| |
Making the decision to hire a family court lawyer to protect you during divorce and separation is hard enough. But how do you decide who […]

How the Family Law Act Seeks to Strengthen the Family

Dec 27, 2018
| |
Family law in Ontario works hard to support families, even during and after a divorce. Though it may seem unhelpful to spouses who are in […]

When One Partner Stays in the Matrimonial Home, Is Occupational Rent Due?

When a couple separates, usually one person stays in the matrimonial home and the other moves out. Sometimes this is by mutual consent of both […]

How the Divorce Rate in Canada is Affected by “Silver Splitters”

Dec 11, 2018
| |
Baby boomers introduced a lot of new trends to the world: feminism, contraceptives, women’s financial independence – and divorce. Prior to 1968, dissolving a marriage […]

What Goes Into a Couple’s Financial Agreement?

Dec 4, 2018
| |
The idea of a couple’s financial agreement when you aren’t married might seem a little ridiculous. Maybe one of the reasons you haven’t gotten married […]

Seeking Legal Advice on Divorce: Who Should You Talk To?

Nov 27, 2018
| |
Ending a marriage consumes your entire life. You’re worried about the financial impact, the effect the separation will have on your children, the uncertainty of […]

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