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What To Put on Your Post-Divorce Bucket List

What do you want to do with your life? This can be a scary question whether you’re married, getting divorced, or single. But it can […]

These 4 Things Make Every Divorce Harder

Dec 16, 2015
| |
While every divorce is different, there are some issues that commonly complicate proceedings and make the process more difficult to handle. Here are a few […]

Why Divorce Should Never be About Revenge

Dec 2, 2015
| |
If you’re getting divorced, you are probably experiencing some difficult emotions. And the temptation to take them out on your former spouse can be strong. […]

The 3 Suprising Benefits of Divorce

Most people don’t associate divorce with anything positive. In fact, they likely think only of the emotional pain and financial loss that can result from […]

5 Things Divorced People Love About Their New Lives

Oct 24, 2015
| |
When you think about divorce, the word “happiness” probably isn’t the first word that springs to mind. However, divorce can actually make people more content […]

The Most Popular Issues Divorced Parents Fight About

Oct 10, 2015
| |
It might come as a shock, but getting a divorce doesn’t mean you’ll stop fighting with your former spouse. The arguments can intensify and multiply […]

The Link Between a Bad Divorce and Bad Kids

Sep 28, 2015
| |
Divorce is becoming more common around the world. This means a changing family dynamic for many children. How are kids coping, especially when there’s hostility […]

Will Living Together Before Marriage Decrease Your Chances for Divorce?

Sep 21, 2015
| |
Is there a link between living together and divorce? The percentage of couples who cohabit before marriage has increased by almost 900 percent in the […]

Why You Should Never Use Alcohol to Cope With Divorce

Turning to alcohol has always been a popular, but toxic way to cope with divorce. Too many people choose to self-medicate, instead of seeking help. […]

Retirement After Divorce: A Change in Plans

Sep 14, 2015
| |
Divorce is a traumatic event, and it completely changes the lives of those involved. Due to the fact that marriage is considered a legal contract, […]

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