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Will the Ashley Madison Hack Lead to More Divorces?

Is online cheating about to cause a spike in divorce numbers? As the New York Daily News and many other news sources have recently reported, […]

Why People Get Divorced in Their 40’s

Aug 17, 2015
| |
When you reach the age of 40, many of your friends, relatives and co-workers might joke that you’re “over the hill.” By this point, many […]

How is My Teacher’s Pension Divided During a Divorce?

Aug 10, 2015
| |
When couples get divorced, emotions run high. The pair can be so busy being upset that they don’t realize their rights and obligations. They also […]

How to Keep Grandparents Involved After a Divorce

Aug 5, 2015
| |
A divorce has a larger impact than couples realize. If they have children, the divorce has an effect on them. Both sets of grandparents can […]

If you can’t imagine having kids with your spouse, should you consider getting a divorce?

Jul 12, 2015
| |
Parenthood, we’re told, is the greatest joy a person can feel. For many years, it was expected that couples would have children shortly after marriage. […]

4 Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney BEFORE You Ask For a Divorce

Jun 24, 2015
| |
Hiring a family law attorney to represent you in a divorce is nothing to be taken lightly. If you think it’s something you can accomplish […]

Does Your Husband Have Poor Money Management Skills?

Jun 19, 2015
| |
Differing perspectives on money management is one of the most common causes of divorce. Couples who’ve achieved financial harmony are more often successful, those who […]

Has Your Marriage Experienced Over 10 Years of Lost Intimacy?

Jun 13, 2015
| |
All relationships go through the amazing times that you remember fondly, and smile big and wide for no apparent reason to those around you. And […]

4 Reasons Why Divorce Without a Lawyer Cost You Even MORE

Jun 4, 2015
| |
Unfortunately, the verdict is in… divorce without a lawyer can cost you even more! It might seem like a good idea, at first. But, the […]

Can I Really Afford Divorce Lawyer Fees?

May 25, 2015
| |
Divorce is never easy. Stressing over how you’re going to pay your lawyer just makes matters worse. But, in this article we will show you […]

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