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What You Need to Know About Spouses Hiding Income During Divorce

Apr 29, 2015
| |
Unfortunately, more and more people are being accused of hiding income during divorce. Typically, it’s more common in situations where one or both individuals have accumulated […]

How Verbal Agreements Hurt a Divorce

Apr 22, 2015
| |
When contemplating divorce, it’s important to keep the verbal agreement law in mind. Nine times out of 10, it’s imperative that you have everything in writing. Not […]

Did Someone Really File Divorce Papers on Facebook

Apr 15, 2015
| |
Yes, as hard as it might be to believe, someone actually got away with serving divorce papers on Facebook. What will they think of next? It takes […]

Can You Get a Divorce Without Going to Court?

Apr 8, 2015
| |
In many cases, divorce without going to court is entirely possible. More and more divorcing couples are taking advantage of mediation as a means to end their […]

Contemplating Divorce? Here are 10 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

Apr 1, 2015
| |
In the event of divorce, the last thing you want to do is to cause emotional harm to your children. It’s important to remember that […]

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner During a Divorce. Ever!

Mar 25, 2015
| |
Any divorce lawyer will tell you that divorce isn’t easy. When tempers flair, it often results in arguments and hurtful words. Quite obviously, this just […]

Fighting Over Your Kids During a Divorce? Think about These 10 Questions First

If you’re a parent contemplating divorce, you’re no doubt concerned about the lasting effect it will have on your kids. Even in the best situations, […]

How You Can Protect Your Family Business During a Divorce

Think divorce and family business don’t go together? Think again. Although you never want to think of your marriage ending in divorce, you should be […]

The do’s and don’ts of explaining divorce to small children

If you plan on divorcing your spouse and you have small children, you are likely pondering just how you should go about breaking the news […]

My Wife Cheated & I Want A Divorce

Oct 29, 2014
| |
Discovering that your wife has cheated on you is perhaps the worst news you can receive. Not only does it cause feelings of anger, jealousy […]

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