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How Much are a Divorce Lawyer’s Fees

Divorce is complicated enough before you start factoring in the financial costs of dividing assets and determining custody. Trying to determine what constitutes normal divorce […]

Is Your Job Bad for Your Marriage?

Apr 25, 2016
| |
We all know that work can put a strain on relationships, but which professions are most likely to lead to divorce? Here are some of […]

How the Holidays Can Be a Marriage’s “Last Straw”

The holidays put any problems a couple is already having under a magnifying glass. Things can seem worse than they are. That’s because stress levels […]

Will Living Together Before Marriage Decrease Your Chances for Divorce?

Sep 21, 2015
| |
Is there a link between living together and divorce? The percentage of couples who cohabit before marriage has increased by almost 900 percent in the […]

Has Your Marriage Experienced Five Or More Years of Conflict?

Aug 26, 2015
| |
When you get home at the end of the day, do you constantly fight with your spouse or do you just ignore each other completely, […]

Has Your Marriage Experienced Over 10 Years of Lost Intimacy?

Jun 13, 2015
| |
All relationships go through the amazing times that you remember fondly, and smile big and wide for no apparent reason to those around you. And […]

A Few Reasons For Infidelity In Marriage

Oct 8, 2014
| |
Going through a divorce is never easy. Although you may have entered into your marriage with hopes of staying together forever, it seems that it […]

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