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Cohabitation Agreements & Marriage Contracts

Nobody plans to separate when they begin a relationship but divorce happens. If a separation does occur, it can be a complicated and expensive process unless you have a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract in place.

Cohabitation agreements and marriage contract are contracts that predetermine your legal rights and responsibilities if you separate. It takes the ambiguity out of a normally complicated process so the cost of separation is minimized.

A cohabitation agreement or marriage contract can be used to prevent the sharing of assets upon separation. We often find it used by couples who have already amassed substantial assets and want to preserve them should their new relationship end.

We have helped dozens of people develop at cohabitation or marriage agreement that works for them. Please call us in Barrie at 705-727-4242 or Orillia at 705-418-0901 or Newmarket at 289-319-063 or complete the “Request Consultation” form on the right if you would like help creating your own cohabitation agreement.

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