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Child Custody & Support

Nobody wants a messy divorce, but many people anticipate one. You’re probably not on great terms with your ex spouse. Ugly fights and bad blood have probably contributed to a toxic dynamic. Going into your divorce, it’s very possible that both parties’ mindsets are based on emotion, not reason.

What’s the answer? Our firm offers you experts in collaborative practice and mediation. These are two paths that help you avoid the ugly courtroom battle that everyone wants to avoid.

How Does Collaborative Practice Work?

Collaborative divorce and collaborative practice are exactly what they sound like. Even if they sound too good to be true.

Both parties work closely with a team of professionals to cost-effectively resolve issues. Both sides have the same goal: Resolving all of the issues without going to court.

It’s about finding real solutions for things like:

  • The division of assets and property
  • Spousal Support
  • Child support, custody and access

Even if you think you and your former spouse will never reach an agreement, expert counsel and advice can take you there. The most complicated and challenging separations and divorces can be resolved through the Collaborative Process. It is our favourite way to get through the divorce process because our clients love the results.

Will Mediation Work for Me? Is it Expensive?

Mediation does work. Simply put, you’re working with a third party mediator, whose only agenda is to help resolve things and keep matters out of a courtroom.

The mediator is unbiased, and looks for resolutions based on facts, not emotions. Based on the agreement reached during the process, you and your lawyers can create a legally binding separation agreement that’s fair and holds both parties accountable.

Want to Stay Out of the Courtroom?

Start by sitting down for a consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your case and your options. Please call us in Barrie at (705) 999-4413 or Newmarket at (289) 802-0917 or fill out our Request a Consultation form.

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