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You’re facing divorce or separation. Coming to this decision is a major step, but it also instantly raises dozens of questions and worries. Will I pay or receive support? Who gets the house? What will happen to our kids?

Our family law team has a proven history of helping people answer these questions AND helping them plan for the next phase in their lives.

Some of your immediate questions may include…

What is a Separation Agreement?

This is a document that details the agreement reached by all parties. If there is ever a dispute in the future, you can refer back to the separation agreement to settle it.

It’s legally-binding and gives you a concrete plan for:

  1. Custody and access
  2. Child support, spousal support
  3. Property and asset issues

Do you need a lawyer for a separation agreement? Absolutely. Sometimes people will draft their own agreements. But when one party misses a payment, the agreement falls down in family court because it was never enforceable. That could leave you with nothing.

If you’re facing a heated battle, you need a lawyer to fight for you and protect you with a solid separation agreement. Even if you’re divorce or separation is amicable now, you still need a lawyer to ensure everything is done correctly so as to avoid future problems.

My Common Law Relationship is Over. What are My Rights?

No area of divorce has more misinformation surrounding it than Ontario’s common law relationship separation laws. It can be confusing. If your relationship comes to an end, friends and family may tell you that you’re entitled to certain things. While you may read something totally different online.

Get the real facts and work with a legal expert.

There is no set formula for property division, as in traditional marriage. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer to clearly map out:

  • Parental responsibilities
  • The division of assets
  • The fate of shared property

Facing Divorce or Separation and Don’t Know Where to Start? Start by sitting down for a consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your case and your options.

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