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Should I Divorce Now?

Closure. Freedom. Opportunity. New Beginnings. These are just a few of the benefits you experience when you move forward and attain your divorce. Frequently, clients tell us they feel like a dark cloud is hanging over their heads even after issues with their ex-spouses have been resolved. Why? They continue to be married to their ex- spouse. They are not divorced. They have not attained closure. They are still in need of a divorce lawyer.

Until you divorce, there always is a lingering legal and moral attachment to your spouse through marriage. Do you really want that attachment? Isn’t it time to gain your freedom?

When you finally meet Mr. or Miss Right, do you really want to still be married to your ex-spouse? That can be a real “turn off” for potential new dates. Potential dates may wonder if you’re really truly ready to move on or may feel strange about starting something with a married person.

Even if you are not looking for someone new in your life, attaining a divorce gives you a sense of finality and closure. It removes the dark cloud. It closes the door on the past relationship so that you can enjoy new opportunities in complete freedom.

We will complete your divorce for the block fee of $1,500.00 if it is uncontested (no negotiations necessary) and one of you lives within Simcoe County. This includes all of the court filing fees (about $500.00),the HST and other expenses. It’s a small price for freedom. Divorces take about 5 to 8 months to finalize. Why not call us at (705) 727-4242 and let us get started now?

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