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Family Coaches Help

By Sue Cook of Family TLC
Divorce Coach and Parenting Coach

Divorce is overwhelming. It is vital that you understand the emotional journey of divorce so that you can advocate and negotiate for yourself, your children and your future. In the Collaborative Process, the Family Coach will help you understand the impact of your emotions and help develop ways of coping so you are ready to negotiate agreements that will serve you.

How else does a Family Coach help?

When you separate, you are influenced by many powerful emotions: blame, anger, depression, justification, shame, fear, loneliness and even hatred. These powerful emotions can overcome reason. Your Family Coach provides unconditional strength and support that is based on reality, not on emotions. Your Family Coach hears, accepts and understands you and helps put your feelings into words and unload the stress of separation.

Instead of feeding the pain, your Family Coach, a neutral professional, helps you get over the shock and work through your fears.

Your Family Coach will also assist you in identifying and prioritizing your core concerns. You will learn effective conflict resolution and communication skills. Instead of feeling disempowered and unable to advocate for yourself, you will learn how to speak up for yourself and your children so that you can look forward to your more peaceful and secure future.

Without a Family Coach, it can take you years to find acceptance and relief. Some never find it. But with the help of a Family Coach, you will come to a place of acceptance and even relief.

Investing in a Family Coach will minimize the pain, shorten the negotiation process and help you minimize the costs of the legal process. You’ll be able to get on with your new life. Call a Family Coach. We can help.

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