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Our Logo

I am often asked the meaning behind our logo. My usual response is “what do you think it means?” Some of the responses are quite interesting.

I have had some say they think the ring represents the wedding ring. That’s a good guess. One lady suggested the ribbons were a checkmark. I am not sure what a checkmark has to do with a family law firm but that’s what she thought.

The meaning we intended is that the two ribbons represent the two parties separating. You will notice that the ribbons are both getting stronger as they rise apart. The ribbons are going up because they represent the improvement of life after separation. Our clients are usually very upset when they first come to us but, in the end, are happy and ready for life to move forward.

The ring represents the full support we give our clients during the separation process. We do our best to support you with good legal advice and ensuring you work with divorce lawyers you need who can help you in all aspects of your separation including the financial, emotional, parenting and legal aspects. It represents our motto which is “Resolving Family Conflict with Heart”.

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