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Adultery: Crime? Charges?


I would like to know whether or not “Adultery” is considered as crime in Canada?
By the term Adultery, I mean sexual intercourse between one man and one woman in which one of (or both of) them is (are) married at the time of Adultery.

I goggled a lot, however, most of the online information talk about filing divorce or similar actions related to divorce.

I do not want to know about the divorce part; my question is if the Adultery is a kind of crime or not. For example, if somebody could prove that there has been a sexual intercourse between two married cases, then what kind of charges (minimum and maximum charges) may apply to them.

I have also a kind of confusion with the term “consensual sex”. How it is different.

I would appreciate your comments and guide. Thank you very much.

— John R. T.


There is no criminal charge for committing adultery.

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