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My husband has committed adultery, along with abusing myself. We’ve been together 12 years total, married the last 2 years. He came into this relationship with nothing. I owned a home and have continued to do so. How much will he be entitled to? Does family court even acknowledge adultery and abuse in a divorce?

— Nance W.


It is impossible for me to tell you your husband's entitlement since I don't know enough of the facts. Here is a link to the article on this website about how the equalization of property process works. HIs claim to a share of the property is not impacted by the adultery or abuse. But, it is possible for you to sue him for damages related to the adultery or abuse, depending on the damages suffered. Sorry if this sounds confusing. You would be wise to book a consultation with one of our lawyers who can discuss the details of your case and then describe to you your options.

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