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what am I responsible for as a step father after divorce/seperation?

so my wife/xwife now moved out of my house back in may of this ear 2015. She has no credit so her name in not on my mortgage or the house.
She did pay some money into bills for the home and to look after her children that lived at my house.
She gets support form her ex for her two children currently.
basically I was wondering. if we were to get a legal divorce am I responsible to pay her support for her children.
I already have 3 kids of my own that I take care of.
We lived together off and on for apporx 4 years and were married about 1.5yrs.

— wade m.


You may be required to pay child support for your step children but it all depends on your circumstances. If you become like a father to the children, you may have to pay child support. Some of the considerations are...
Did kids call you Dad? Did you financially support them? Did you discipline them? Did you hold them out to others as your children? Did you do activities together? Did you care for them on your own? Did you act like a father toward them? How long did they live with you in the same home? Did you go to parent teacher interviews? Etc. So, it all depends on your circumstances. If you would like to learn more, it would be best to book a consultation with one of our lawyers who can look into your situation and help you decide whether you would have to pay child support.

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