Our Staff

Our support staff works together as a team. Please feel free to contact them should you have concerns regarding your file or the divorce process.

Carole Marceau

Carole Marceau is a law clerk. She helps create financial statements, court documents, correspondence, briefs and reports. Carole works with lawyers Brian Galbraith, Lynn Kirwin, James Studer and Livia Jozsa. Carole’s email address is Carole@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and her phone number is 705 727-4242 ext 225.

Tiffany Bowman

Tiffany Bowman is a law clerk with the same responsibilities as Carole. Tiffany works primarily with Joseph Powers and Toni Nieuwhof. Tiffany’s email address is Tiffany@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and her phone number is 705 727-4242 ext 231.

Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell is a law clerk performing the same functions as Carole.  Jennifer works with Livia Jozsa and Christina Garisto and shares the clerking role for lawyers Lynn Kirwin, Mervyn White and Karman Lock.  Jennifer’s email address is Jennifer@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and her phone number is 705 727-4242 ext 233.

Kelly McEvoy

Kelly McEvoy is our Newmarket law clerk. Kelly works with lawyers Mervyn White, Alexander Beadie and Karman Lock. Kelly’s email is Kelly@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and she can be reached by phone at 289-319-0634 ext. 237.

Crystal Cole

Crystal Cole is the law clerk for Alison Pengelley. Crystal can be reached by phone at 705-727-4242 ext. 241, or by email at Crystal@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com.

Tracy Kimmons

Tracy Kimmons oversees the Newmarket Reception desk, which is open Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm.  You can reach the Newmarket Reception desk via email at NewmarketReception@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com or via phone at 289-319-0634 ext. 245. Tracy also plays other key roles within our firm serving as a member of our Intake Team, as well as one of our Accounts Clerks.  You can reach Tracy via email at Tracy@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com or via phone at the number and extension noted above for the Newmarket Reception desk.

Carolyn Allerston

Our Barrie Reception desk is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 530pm.  You can reach Barrie Reception by calling 705-727-4242 ext.221. or via email at Reception@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com. Carolyn Allerston below serves as our full-time Barrie Receptionist and will be happy to assist you, as would any member of our Reception Team.

Janine Lee

Janine Lee is our office manager and bookkeeper. Janine’s email address is Janine@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and her phone number is 705 727-4242 ext 222.

Dina Politis

Dina Politis works as an Administrative Assistant helping out in many facets of the firm.  Dina supports the Law Clerks on a daily basis by assisting them with various tasks, as well as providing backup assistance at the Barrie Reception desk. Dina’s email address is Dina@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and her phone number is 705-727-4242 ext. 240.

Jill Faust

Jill Faust is a Legal Assistant who works out of our Newmarket office. Jill provides support to the lawyers at our Newmarket office, as well as our Newmarket Law Clerk, Kelly McEvoy. Jill’s email is Jill@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com and she can be reached by phone at 289-319-0634 ext. 236.

Julie Jones

Julie Jones fills the role of Accounting Clerk and works from our Barrie office. In Julie’s role she assists Janine Lee with bookkeeping duties, as well as serves as a Billings Clerk for a number of our lawyers.  Julie can be reached via email at JJones@GalbraithFamilyLaw.com or via phone at 705-727-4242 ext. 227.

Nicole Séguin-Galbraith

Nicole Séguin-Galbraith is Brian’s wife and she helps with the administration of the firm.

We are very proud of our caring and skilled support staff and are confident they will serve you well.

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