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When will I see my kids?

Separation means change for the whole family, including the children. When you are negotiating, remember the following:

see my kids
  1. A Family Specialist can help you develop a time-sharing arrangement that works for your family and recognizes your child’s personal and developmental needs. Usually the Family Specialist is part of the Collaborative Process which is an effective way or resolving issues without having to go to court.
  2. Children need consistency and predictability so a consistent arrangement works best.
  3. Be flexible when special events or opportunities for the children to participate in an activity they would enjoy arises.
  4. Children need a meaningful relationship with both parents.
  5. Park your own ego. This is about what is best for your children.
  6. Children enjoy the prospect of celebrating a special occasion twice so don’t focus on having special occasions twice: two birthdays, two Christmases, Two Easters and two Thanksgivings. So, don’t worry about having the particular day. It will work out.
  7. Special holidays are sometimes shared or alternated each year.
  8. As the children mature and their needs change, you may have to change the time-sharing arrangements.
  9. A written parenting ensures that there is no ambiguity. It can always be changed over time or for special occasions by agreement.
  10. Kids have a right to love both parents. Give them the opportunity.
  11. Do your best to stay out of court so your children don’t get caught in a legal war. Collaborative Practice is a better way to resolve most family issues.

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